Cash-Flow Finish Line

Top 12 Strategies for Making Money in Real Estate

Andrew Cordle has had multiple top-selling books. His book, "The Boom After the Bubble" has helped many people use his time-proven strategy about how to succeed in real estate. The great success of this book inspired Andrew to write his next book, "Cash-Flow Finish Line, Top 12 Strategies for Making Money in Real Estate".
Andrew became a real estate master at a very young age. However, with the market crash of 2008 Andrew’s business failed along with many others across the country. After only three short years after loosing everything, Andrew decided to learn from his mistakes and rebuild his business. This time around he had all the lessons from before to help him build a real estate empire that will stand the test of time.
Through his books, Andrew hopes to educate others about how to invest in real estate the right way. "Cash-Flow Finish Line, Top 12 Strategies for Making Money in Real Estate" was Andrew’s way of simplifying the lessons he has learned in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand book.
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Frank Paras

Home Depot Director

This book is a must read for anyone getting started in real estate. It goes to the heart of how someone can change their lives and protect their family from economic disaster with real estate investing. You will enjoy this book.

Scott Whaley

President of National REIA

When you read this book, you will understand the heart of Andrew Cordle and his passion to help people find both financial success and purpose in their lives.

Tim Norris

President of National Real Estate Insurance Group

I have known Andrew for several years and thoroughly enjoyed this book. It offers “real world” insight and advice and is a fantastic introduction to Financial Momentum.

Andrew Waite

Publisher of PREI Magazine

There is only one word that describes Andrew Cordle’s journey as a real estate investor, and that is the word “authentic”.