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I’m excited to announce our newest project, the Andrew Cordle iFlipuFlip Podcast. This groundbreaking real estate investing educational program podcast will be available to investors of every experience level from beginner to master investor. The iFlipuFlip educational podcast will feature host Andrew Cordle.

Andrew Cordle is a seasoned investor with over 10 years in the industry, Andrew is a nationally recognized speaker and educator. His passion is helping people find their purpose. Andrew has flipped hundreds of homes in multiple states and tours the country sharing his vast wealth of knowledge with investors of all experience levels. Andrew loves to teach new investors how to flip a house and mentors a small, select group of student investors who have had great success applying his proven systems.

Andrew began investing in real estate over a decade ago and is the founder of IflipUflip, an Atlanta-based real estate investment company. Using his relationship and marketing knowledge, he continues to flip successfully all over the southern portion of the United States. Those markets include Atlanta, Chicago, and throughout the Southeast.And now, he will be sharing his real estate investing knowledge with you!

The iFlipuFlip Podcast was designed as a tool to help both novice and experienced real estate investors. Our goal is to bring top notch educational content and interviews to our listeners, without subjecting you to the non-stop pitch that is prevalent around the industry. What will you learn from the iFlipuFlip Podcast?

  • How to use social media to find deals
  • Learn how to find private money for your flips
  • How to structure your real estate deals
  • Where to buy rental properties
  • The best ways to flip houses

Rehabbing is all the rage right now so take the next step in your real estate investing education and download our weekly iFlipuFlip podcast. Take your investing and your profits to the next level! It is the Best Real Estate Investing Podcast

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