Privacy Policy

NAREI (herein referred to as the Company) provides educational experiences for its members.

The privacy of our members is very important to us, and we feel that each individual member should know how their personal information as provided to the Company is being used and how they in turn can further protect that privacy.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns about NAREI’s Privacy Policy, please contact us at Privacy Matters, c/o NAREI, 235 Peachstreet NE, Suite 400, Atlanta GA 30303.

Our Privacy Policy below explains the following:

  • What information is collected and why
  • How that information is used
  • Options offered with regard to limited sharing of private information, as well as
  • The security and confidentiality of each member’s personal data

-Information Collected-

The Company collects information for the purpose of providing each of its members with quality education and product. Only information that is voluntarily given by the Company’s members at its events is collected. Forms filled out voluntarily by members at each event include the following information: member name, mailing and email address, telephone number, credit card and checking account information, personal financial information as well as business partner information, and other information.

-How That Information Is Used-

The Company uses the information voluntarily provided by its members to further provide, protect, improve, and maintain its educational product, as well as to help develop new material for future events. This information is also used to tailor specific products and services to the needs of individual members, such as providing members with information relevant to them and their investment goals.

-Information Sharing-

Personal information of members is not shared with companies, organizations, or any other individual outside of the Company, except in the event of the following circumstances:

  • Everyday Business Purposes

The Company uses member information when processing member transactions, maintaining accounts, and when responding to court orders or any other legal investigation as required by law.

  • External Processing

The Company provides information to its affiliates or other of its trusted business partners to assist in processing information on its behalf when fulfilling the orders and requests of its members. The provision of this information is all based on the Company’s instructions, and is in compliance with its Privacy Policy as well as any other appropriate security and confidentiality measures.

  • Legal Reasons

The Company will share information with external organizations, companies, or other individuals if it believes that it is necessary for the following reasons:

  • When meeting the requests of any legal process, enforceable government, regulation, or applicable law;
  • To address, detect, or prevent technical and security issues, or fraud;
  • For the purposes of protecting the rights, safety, and property of both the Company and its members, or the public as permitted or required by law.
  • Marketing from Other Companies

The Company will share personal member information with its partners or other trusted business and affiliates for the purposes of marketing educational products and services that are deemed relevant. These trusted partners and affiliates are bound by confidentiality agreements, and do not have any right to share or distribute the personal information of the Company’s members. Members do have the right to either limit or even eliminate the sharing of their individual information by choosing to opt out, as detailed below. A list of the Company’s trusted partners and affiliates can be obtained upon request.

-Opting Out-

Members can choose to opt out to the Company sharing their personal information for the purposes of marketing efforts by other companies and trusted affiliates by writing to the Company on the matter. Please send opt out requests to Privacy Matters, c/o NAREI, 235 Peachstreet NE, Suite 400, Atlanta GA 30303.

-Security and Confidentiality-

The Company and each of its affiliates works hard to protect both its members and itself from any unauthorized access or alteration, destruction, and disclosure of personal information. Particularly:

  • The Company regularly reviews its collection of information, and the storage and processing practices. It also reviews its physical security measures to protect against any unauthorized system access, and to further ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the collected data.
  • The Company restricts and limits access to personal information only to Company employees, agents, and contractors who need to know that information for the purposes of Company processing. This individuals are all subject to strict confidentiality obligations by contract, and may be disciplined or terminated if there is any failure to adhere to and meet these obligations.

-Application and Enforcement-

This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services provided by the Company, its affiliates, and its trusted business partners. Other companies and individuals, including services and products provided by unrelated third-party vendors, are not covered by this Policy. Information practices of other companies and organizations unaffiliated with the Company are not covered by this Policy.

Internal compliance and adherence to this Privacy Policy is regularly reviewed by the Company. Several other internal measures related to the privacy of collected information have been taken, and are adhered to by and regularly reviewed by the Company. Those members and individuals who formally submit written complaints will be contacted by the Company in an attempt to follow-up on the concern. The Company also works with appropriate authorities in the protection of the personal data provided by its members, including appropriate regulatory authorities and local data authorities, when resolving complaints pertaining to the transfer of personal member data that cannot be resolved with the member directly.

-Changes in This Policy-

The Company’s Privacy Policy may change over time. The right to change this Policy without notice is reserved by the Company, and it may choose to do so at its own discretion. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted to this page when made.