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You have worked hard, paid your dues and find yourself finally making the money you always wanted. Unfortunately this brings a sort of tendencies for others to place a big red target on you and your assets. Veil Corporate can help you implement the shield to protect your personal and professional assets. The careful planning of your investment profile and business structure are the keys to protecting yourself. They want to help you implement your strategies effectively.

Safeguard Business Advantage was created in order to assemble a complete array of entrepreneurial services all in one convenient location. They've gathered experts in every facet of business management so that their clientele always has access to the information they need. As a result of their extensive experience they don’t simply deal with challenges… they help their clients transform their challenges into opportunities.

Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, launched in 2003, is a national publication that reports on the people, companies and service providers in the individual real estate investing sector. PREIM helps identify the opportunities, the issues and the challenges confronting individual investors. We also report on real estate investing issues and trends in the institutional and foreign markets affecting or providing lessons for U.S. real estate investors. PREIM’s mission is to be the magazine of record – the emerging voice of an emerging industry – for this multitrillion-dollar market.

Box Home Loans perfectly sums up what the company does because they only lend to customers with great credit. By lending exclusively to those who fit “Inside the Box” they have less variables to account which translates into Happy Customers getting better rates and lower fees. While the rest of the lending world boasts that they’ll finance anyone, Box Home Loans chooses to go in the opposite direction exclusively rewarding the financially responsible customers.

At its core, BuyPD provides U.S. rental real estate to small and mid-sized investors from around the world. They focus on emerging markets hit hard by the recession that are still in the recovery stages.

They also offer a host of other real estate related services that compliment their core offering. These range anywhere from private lending, corporation/entity setup, and tax liens, to trust deeds on rental properties, developing land, and residential-improved building lots.

The Community Buying Group began as an idea to connect people in the Real Estate Investment Industry, and help grow their businesses. As an "Investor-Landlord," CBG founder, Ben Rao, had gained hands-on entrepreneurial experience that comes with rehabbing properties to either immediately resell (flip), or to rent and manage. He noticed that a lot of people in the Real Estate Investment and Landlord Property Management business didn't know how to get better pricing of materials, or ways to get their businesses running better.

Why INVESTED iQ? Most individuals lack the critical knowledge needed to manage their own stock portfolio. Hence, many people turn to popular brokerage firms to have their money managed for them. However, no matter whom your broker is they will never care as much as you do about your portfolios performance. Our mission is to teach individuals how to personally invest their money in the stock market. We help our customers make the switch from being a passive investor to being a more hands on trader. We provide all the necessary education, research, strategies, and trading tools to help you become a successful investor.