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All About Tax Liens:

Tax liens are imposed when property taxes become delinquent. Tax liens are enforced by law as a way to secure the payment of taxes on a particular property. Tax liens are usually imposed on real property but can also be enforced on personal property as well when an individual has failed to pay income tax. So, you might be wondering how can investors benefit from tax liens?

When taxes haven’t been paid to the local taxing authorities the authorities may then place a tax lien on that property. Once this tax lien has been placed the authorities issue a tax lien certificate investment document that a third-party, such as an investor, can purchase at an auction. When this takes place it usually becomes a win-win situation for the taxing authorities and the investor.

  • Benefits associated with tax liens
  • What you should know before you buy
  • How tax liens work for the investor
  • How to get the most for your money

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